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Help Droog, a communist working class robot, gain the power of FREEDOM.EXE in this battle to survive. Droog is a creative action-packed shoot-em' up experience where the player collects there own controls as the attempt to survive against a hoard of evil communist robots! Start off with nothing but your monitor head and end up as a killing-machine!


Start the game as a robot head hopping around using SPACE as you avoid enemies collecting your controls. You're going to need a MOUSE in order to aim and shoot in the game.


Mouse - Look/Face/Direction

Space - Dash/Hop

WASD - Move

LMB/RMB - Shoot

Scroll - Cycle Through Guns


FreedomV1-5_WIN_BUILD.zip 22 MB
FreedomV1-5MAC_BUILD.zip 22 MB

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